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We can help you determine which plans fit your needs and provide additional resources based upon your jurisdiction demographics and building codes for your project. Let our experienced staff guide you through the process of researching your jurisdiction limitations and requirements so that you purchase the right plan for your next project.

ccihouseplans.com offers you many options ranging from single, double story contemporary to traditional homes. As well as multifamily and mix use projects are available on our web site. Remember that our plans can be modified to fit your needs and achieve the project of your dreams or next investment. Our staff will assist you in directing you to the right jurisdiction tools and information so that you follow the appropriate building code guide lines for your specific location.

ccihouseplans.com are affordable and simple so that the average person with construction experience can avoid making costly mistakes. Our plans are functional and easy to understand based upon the latest technology and made to comply with the latest building  and energy codes. We have made the once-expensive, and complex process of designing or renovating your home simple and affordable. Our plans are customizable and our staff will guide you through the home design process, so that you, can achieve your next project in a timely and affordable manner.

  • Search our inventory of home plans and floor plans available for purchase. We’ve made it simple to navigate through plans categorized by architectural style, house size, room specifics, your construction budget and other characteristics
  • Customize any plan to suit your site, budget or any other criteria. Mix and match elements from different plans — a kitchen from one plan and a master bathroom from another. Then work with our Plan Customization service to modify a plan , so your final design works for you.

Established in 2018, ccihouseplans.com has the latest online database of ready-made house blueprints. Our homes have been built, remodeled or renovated using plans from ccihouseplans.com Our master  architects and designers submit new plans to ccihouseplans.com and builders, investors  as well as average people visit the site every year to browse kitchen and bath designs, start renovations or find the blueprint for their dream home.

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